Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cheryl Kagan Edges Closer to District 17 Senate Race

Former Delegate Cheryl Kagan has updated her website and may be getting closer to a campaign announcement for District 17 Senate.

Kagan's website, updated on February 8, contains lots of biographical information and press accounts from her tenure as a Delegate but does not formally list the office she is seeking. The site's Google header describes her as "a Democrat exploring a run for State Senate from District 17, Montgomery County, Maryland." As we noted last month, Kagan raised $20,634.69 last year and has $44,224.76 in the bank. Jennie Forehand, the incumbent, raised $4,705.66 and has a balance of $71,044.34.

A Google search on Cheryl Kagan yields this June 2008 video as the fifth search result, part of an oral history on Vassar College alumni. In it, Kagan recounts why she got involved in politics and says she "may be" running for Senate in 2010.

This race could be the premier state legislative contest in Montgomery County next year. We will have more on it in the near future.