Thursday, August 21, 2008

Purple Line Now Hires Campaign Coordinator

Starting this month and continuing through at least November, Purple Line Now will be employing a campaign coordinator. Their choice is David Moon, a former campaign manager for Senator Jamie Raskin and County Council candidate Nancy Navarro.

David Moon is an unusual figure in the fast-talking, swollen-headed world of political consultants. In the first group meeting I attended with him, it took me a half-hour to figure out he was even in the room. Quiet, studious and small, he leaves the chest-pounding to others.

But in his native setting of soda-can-strewn campaign war rooms, Moon can be lethal. His primary weapon is organization. He is very good at logistics – planning out multiple events, running call lists and door-knocking sheets, and reminding everyone of what has to be done. He can stay up all night, checking every email, every blog, every article and every rumor. He knows as much as anyone about the state of a campaign at all times. He prepares a candidate as much as that candidate will allow. In the context of an issue campaign, he will map out every event, round up every argument and make sure it is delivered by the appropriate messenger. There will be loads and loads of reminders for everyone who takes part.

This fall will be a critical time for the Purple Line. The state’s draft environmental impact statement is due any month now and a choice must be made between bus and rail alignments soon after. By hiring Moon, Purple Line Now will be maximizing its ability to mobilize its large and occasionally unwieldy coalition to move the project through the state’s hoops.

I have only one question: will Foolio be working for Moon again?