Sunday, May 08, 2011

Pat Baptiste Dominates in Village Election

Pat Baptiste, former Chair of the Chevy Chase Village Board of Managers who was appointed to fill a vacancy on the Board, came in a strong first in the election to fill four seats on the Board. Full results after the jump:

Patricia Baptiste, 246 votes or 80% of valid ballots.
David Winstead, 189 votes, or 61%.
Richard Ruda, 181 votes, or 59%.
Gary Crockett, 176 votes, or 57%.
Gail Feldman, 155 votes, or 50%.

Pat campaigned on righting the finances of the Village and the need for the Village to rake an active role in the planning process for the surrounding community. Richard Ruda and Gary Crockett are newcomers who will join the Board. Chair David Winstead has been reelected. Treasurer Gail Feldman was defeated for reelection even though a slight majority of those casting valid ballots cast a vote for her--an interesting quirk of multimember elections. I have enjoyed working with Gail on the Connecticut Avenue Corridor Committee and hope she remains an active participant.