Monday, April 06, 2009

More Illegal Robocalls Target Navarro

Last year's illegal robocall scandal has risen from the grave. That is no surprise given the events that often occur under a full moon.

Numerous sources have reported receiving anti-Navarro robocalls, even some living outside the district. Here is a transcription:

As school board president, Nancy Navarro never said a word on the record about Jerry Weast wasting millions buying electric blackboards. Nancy didn't even sign the contract, as school board presidents are required. Is this how to manage tax dollars during a budget crisis? Don't we deserve better? See the facts on Nancy's record at
The Parents Coalition is an independent watchdog group that monitors Montgomery County Public Schools. Section 13-102 of Maryland's election law allows independent expenditures on campaigns. But the election law is quite specific about disclosure on such expenditures. Section 1-101 defines campaign materials as including "an oral commercial campaign advertisement." And Section 13-401(b) says this:

(b) Same - Campaign material not authorized by candidate.- Campaign material that is published or distributed in support of or in opposition to a candidate, but is not authorized by the candidate, shall include the following statement:

"This message has been authorized and paid for by (name of payor or any organization affiliated with the payor), (name and title of treasurer or president). This message has not been authorized or approved by any candidate."
The Parents Coalition is entitled to express its opinion about this election, but it must follow the law.